6 December

Eyes on the Anti-Ageing Prize


Cushion Comfort!

Babor AGE ID makeup, a capsule collection that is an extension of skin routines, is developed to be anti-ageing, long lasting, lifting and protect against free radicals

O, What A Treat!

O-Cosmedics' new 1 Skin Natural Foundations - an army of Italian-made, complexion-nurturing treatments, in five shades.

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Crackdown on Botox Parties

Cosmetic doctors urge authorities to investigate claims of people turning serious procedures into booze-filled bashes at private homes

Thanksgiving Gift For Turkey Necks

For those not keen on the idea of surgery, rejuvenating ageing necks is best achieved with a multi-faceted approach, involving skin tightenting energy therapy, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections

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Vibrational Medicine: Future of Wellness

Former corporate exec now angel intuitive, healer and clairvoyant Rachael White launches her first book - and a new level of wellness therapies for your clients


What Women Want Now

It could be time to do some homework on what aesthetics consumers are most seeking


The Lipstick Effect

In times of financial uncertainty, it's time to cash in on the power of makeup

When You’re Too Busy to Live

We’re plugged in to our devices 24/7 and losing sight of ourselves while drowning in the doing. Psychologist Alison Hill explains how to get yourself back.


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