21 May

Time To Get Laser Sharp

24 May

Recipe: Farro and Green Lentils

Good carbohydrates supply the "feel-good", "taste-good" fuel to keep you strong, boost your energy and help you stay healthy

19 May

Adult Vs Teenage Acne

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the differences between adult and teenage acne are clear!

19 May

Empower ‘Older’ Clients With Empa

Research suggests women over 50 could be the most lucrative age-group to tap for spa, salon or medi-treatments but over half of the aesthetics industry workforce in Australia are under the age of 34.


Lip Service

New Dermalogica anti-ageing Nightly Lip Treatment leaves feathering to the birds

One and Only

Love stories are so often the genesis of great breakthroughs […]

Brighter, Lighter, More Beautiful

Ultraceuticals new Ultra Dual Microfoliant is a dual-action exfoliator featuring physical biodegradable microfine pure vitamin C and powerful enzyme bromelain

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Aussie Triumph At The Skin Olympics

Just like competitive sport, it takes much training, dedication, drive and sheer talent to successfully treat problem skin - with true Australian athleticism, our local aestheticians cleaned up at this international award ceremony

Master Your Mother’s Day Messaging

With more people shopping online than ever, special occasions can no longer be taken for granted as a boon for business - getting your campaign messaging on-point is imperative to maximise profits this Mother's day.

Everything Old Is New Age Again

As counter-culture to the ravages of 21st century living, consumer demand for therapies including crystal healing and aromatherapy is steadily increasing


Bottoms Up!

Kim Kardashian has once again brought butt beauty to the fore with this week's controversial unretouched photos of Kimye parading her ample assets in a barely-there thong

Look At Me!

The rise and rise of the selfie phenomenon has turned aesthetics […]

Men Rapidly Embracing Cosmetic Enhancement

Australian men's attitudes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments to combat premature ageing have changed significantly in recent years, according to the latest survey conducted by the CPCA

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Recipe: Antioxidant Plum Cake

This vitamin C rich treat has a high proportion of plums to cake batter so it's perfect for health-nuts with a sweet tooth

Recipe: Sweet Potato Falafel

Our gift to your children, this super-easy recipe for Sweet Potato Falafel is your "get out of cooking" ticket on Mother's Day

How To Manifest Abundance

Manifestation is the ability to see something in your mind, feel it in your heart, know it in your body, and will it into reality through your actions and desires.


Get To The Point With Skin Rejuv and Correcti

Fractional mesotherapy is an advanced skin perfecting treatment that delivers the highest calibre collagen induction therapy while facilitating deeper penetration of active ingredients

Hands Up!

Try to include treatment of clients' hands during other procedures, optimising their experience and your business

Tech Neck and Phone Face SOS!

The digital age has created a new, younger generation of women seeking solutions for prematurely ageing faces and necks - their options


Hot Retail Ideas For Winter

If clients aren't tanning as often or as worried about hair removal, you need to entice them into your business, and you need retail sales more than ever

How To Manifest Abundance

Manifestation is the ability to see something in your mind, feel it in your heart, know it in your body, and will it into reality through your actions and desires.

Hot At China Beauty Expo

So, if you're travelling East during May (or are inclined to book a last minute trip!), this mega trade show could be an excellent way to mix business with leisure

Water Water Everywhere!

It’s time to get wet behind the ears again and deliver water and steam therapy with sophisticated simplicity or highly impressive extensive prowess - the renewed importance of water therapy in the spa today


Kicking Makeup Goals: Sports Star Goes Glam

Captain of the Western Sydney Wanderers, professional footballer Caitlin Cooper gets a red-carpet makeover before the Warren Dolan award ceremony. We share top artists "secrets" of transformative makeup

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