3 July

Secrets of the Mile High Club

It’s Official! World’s Top 10 Mos

New scientific computer mapping technology does the maths and deems George Clooney has the world’s most handsome face. Discover who the other nine are

Boost Breasts With Your Own Fat

A new generation of fat transfer – taking blubber from where it’s least wanted and injected into ageing features that need it – is revolutionising anti-ageing possibilities

The Lipstick Effect

When times are tough financially for your clients there are little things they won’t do without – all the more reason to up your retailing ante

Glamazons Changing Your World

How much is your business losing every day, week, year thanks to empty appointments, cancellations or no shows, all the while paying therapists, stylists and admin staff?

What Next?! Introducing The Dimpleplasty

Miranda Kerr has a sexy signature set. Gabrielle Union has them, too, as does hot Harry Styles … dimples. And Millennials are clamouring to have them artificially created

Conceal While You Heal

The crucial art of covering up telltale signs of facial rejuvenation treatments – makeup that won’t cause breakdowns

Top Makeup Tips For Baby Boomer Women

Leading makeup artist (turned supermodel at 49) Cindy Joseph strips back the canvas for the over 50s female to paint an even more beautiful picture

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Are You Strutting Your Stuff Enough?

Great customer service is what keeps people coming back to you again … and again … and referring their friends. But don’t ever be shy to let clients know what a great wicket they’re on!

Go On A Learning Curve

Industry conferences, seminars and workshops are among the best ways to educate yourself and your team – and rub shoulders with the best in the biz. Prepare for Cosmetex 2017.

Silver Lining For Skin Rejuvenation

OmVeda Precious Silver Facial cocoons the skin in the cooling and rejuvenating properties of pure silver to soothe, revive and prolong the youthful appearance of the most sensitive skins

The High Price of Beauty in Australia

We rank in the top 5 of 50 countries charging the highest prices for products and services in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, according to a new survey by Latin America’s leading e-commerce platform Linio.com.

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Balance Skin From The Inside

Do you have a client doing everything right and still not getting results with their skin? Dermo-nutrition could be the solution

Get Ready For Beauty Expo Australia!

Our premier event for aesthetics professionals is preparing for its best year yet when it returns to its Darling Harbour home August 26-27 – get ready!

Women Lead The Gut-Skin Conversation

Don’t miss the workshop where Dr Rhona Creegan, a nutritional biochemist, compounding pharmacist Cheryl Wiggins, and registered nurses Marian Rubock and Ekta Tandon explore the impact of the digestive system on physical appearance in-depth from all angles

Diary Of A Skin Transformation

Australian certified organic skincare brand, Vanessa Megan, conducted clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of natural products in treating problem skin – an adult acne sufferer shares the diary of her transformation

Countdown To Cosmoprof Asia 2017

Cosmoprof Asia returns to Hong Kong in November 2017 – the 22nd edition of this beauty industry extravaganza is tipped to be bigger than ever and will be spread over two venues

Skin Therapists: Dress For Success

A suite of sophisticated yet practical outfits can enhance veneer of your business, unify your team and ensure they’re working in the upmost comfort.

Freeze Your Butt Off!

Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Aniston, as well as elite athletes, are touting the benefits of cryotherapy for everything from pain relief and injury recovery to skin rejuvenation, weight loss and cellulite smoothing

Be At The Cutting Edge

Coming very soon … the annual Non Surgical Symposium is one of the best opportunities of the year to learn more from the best, network, build your patient offering – and party! Don’t miss out

The Bottom Line Is Service

You’ve got to keep the customer satisfied. But in today’s competitive environment, for your business to be buoyant it takes much more than being technically good at what you do.

The Buzz On Coffee Scrubs

Like a traditional caffeine buzz, the energy in which coffee infused skincare is circulating social media is fierce

Who’s So Vain?!

The pursuit of beauty and youthfulness has been a quest through the centuries yet, today, as the aesthetics global industry booms to the tune of billions of dollars globally, there is still a perception that it’s purely about vanity. Finally things about about to change …

Time To Up The Wellness Ante

Savvy operators are looking at ways to embrace wellness opps into aesthetics businesses, and vice versa, to boost client outcomes and the bottom line. Major international department stores are leading the way.

It’s All (Well, a Lot) In The Mind

Pschyodermatology – how thoughts and emotions can have a profound influence on the health and appearance of our skin – is a new frontier of skincare we need to keep, well, in mind, says Matoyla Kollaras.

Groundbreaking Solution For Double Chins

Enter Belkyra, from the makers of Botox – a highly effective non-surgical injectable solution for eliminating fat under the chin and sculpting the appearance of the neck overall

Adult Vs Teenage Acne

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the differences between adult and teenage acne are clear!

Empower ‘Older’ Clients With Empa

Research suggests women over 50 could be the most lucrative age-group to tap for spa, salon or medi-treatments but over half of the aesthetics industry workforce in Australia are under the age of 34.

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