3 July

Secrets of the Mile High Club

Rise of Genderless Beauty

Genderless beauty has surged in popularity in the recent months, especially with male grooming on the rise. What it means for your biz

Ban the F-word From Anti-Ageing

It’s time to ban the “F” word in cosmetic enhancement procedures – “fillers” that is, according to a leading New York dermatologist visiting Australia

Is Over-Treating Skin Causing Adult Acne Epid

A leading skin specialist is warning women to rethink their anti-ageing skincare regimes as they could be doing more harm than good, with instances of adult acne increasing 200 percent within 12 months

Men Trade In Their Moobs With New Lipo

Aussie tradesmen are leading the charge to have man boobs, love handles, abs and flanks reduced with a new form of liposuction as they spend so much time on the job shirtless

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How To Get More Men

If you’re looking for new ways to expand your client base and profits, the answer is clear – you need to attract more men

Alphabet of Skin Anti-Ageing

Without a personalised consultation with an educated therapist/clinician, clients can make poor product choices re cosmeceutical skincare, resulting in money that is wasted. Even worse, that means with unsatisfactory, or even damaging  outcomes

It’s A Wrap – Beauty Expo’s

Beauty Expo Australia, our premier hub for the aesthetics industry wrapped up yesterday with 7,651 visits through the doors over the course of the weekend – a 21 percent increase from 2016

“It Was Like A Torch To My Face!”

Bec Judd jokes that she’s in hiding after an extreme laser treatment – but it’s no laughing matter for clients who don’t know what to expect

Meet The Anti-Ageing Experts at Expo

Beauty Expo Australia this weekend is your unique chance to get up close and personal with the experts in skincare and technology at the Anti-Ageing Hub

From Burnt Out To Boom Biz

Burnout can go two ways. A person who is utterly spent, physically and emotionally, can break and give up (no shame attached) or they can channel it into new beginnings

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Lip Service

New ways to plump your lips – but it’s not what you think

Beware The Blue Light!

It’s not just the postures and expressions we adopt when using our e-devices – eg. “Tech Neck” and “Phone Face” – that are accelerating the symptoms of ageing

A Nose For Beauty

Rhinoplasty – aka nose job – is the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure searched for in Australia. Leading facial plastic surgeon Dr George Marcells gives the lowdown

Give Back and You Will Receive

Millennials will soon run the world – and they prefer to deal with businesses and brands with pro-social messages, sustainable manufacturing methods and ethical business standards

Countdown To Beauty Expo Is On!

Our premier event for aesthetics professionals is preparing for its best year yet as it returns to its Darling Harbour home in less than three weeks

What Brows Say About Your Health

Brow grooming is a booming business but thin, patchy or otherwise troublesome eyebrows could signal underlying health problems

Is Your Smile Spoiling Your Looks?

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you – and it’s often said you only have one chance to make a good first impression

The Power of Touch

Hands-on therapies allow you to develop a close and trusting relationship with clients. But, with the upsurge of high-tech treatments, this tends to have taken a back seat. Now “the experience” is all-important

Anti-Ageing Power of the Smile

Sitting in the dentist’s chair is not a spot people normally associate with anti-ageing treatments. Yet it is the piece of the beautification puzzle that is too often overlooked.

It’s Official! World’s Top 10 Mos

New scientific computer mapping technology does the maths and deems George Clooney has the world’s most handsome face. Discover who the other nine are

Boost Breasts With Your Own Fat

A new generation of fat transfer – taking blubber from where it’s least wanted and injected into ageing features that need it – is revolutionising anti-ageing possibilities

The Lipstick Effect

When times are tough financially for your clients there are little things they won’t do without – all the more reason to up your retailing ante

Glamazons Changing Your World

How much is your business losing every day, week, year thanks to empty appointments, cancellations or no shows, all the while paying therapists, stylists and admin staff?

What Next?! Introducing The Dimpleplasty

Miranda Kerr has a sexy signature set. Gabrielle Union has them, too, as does hot Harry Styles … dimples. And Millennials are clamouring to have them artificially created

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