17 May

Authentically Increase Your Instagram Following

The Lipstick Effect

When times are tough financially for your clients there are little things they won’t do without – all the more reason to up your retailing ante

Glamazons Changing Your World

How much is your business losing every day, week, year thanks to empty appointments, cancellations or no shows, all the while paying therapists, stylists and admin staff?

Managing Bullying and Harassment

Workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment are emerging and ongoing issues for salons, spas and clinic across the hair and beauty industry. How to protect yourself and your team

How Women Can Thrive in a Changing World

Women can power ahead by harnessing new technologies. That matters, because at current rates, it will take 169 years to close the global pay gap between men and women

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Are You Strutting Your Stuff Enough?

Great customer service is what keeps people coming back to you again … and again … and referring their friends. But don’t ever be shy to let clients know what a great wicket they’re on!

What Your Business Needs To Know About Sexual

An apprentice hairdresser has been awarded $30,000 in compensation after his complaints of victimisation and harassment were substantiated by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Launch A Career in Wellness

The Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy (ASWA) has launched self-paced e-courses designed to empower you to thrive at your personal and professional best

The High Price of Beauty in Australia

We rank in the top 5 of 50 countries charging the highest prices for products and services in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, according to a new survey by Latin America’s leading e-commerce platform Linio.com.

7 Steps To Rebalancing Life and Work For Grea

More stress, less time, more responsibility, less support? How do we get back to living a life we love without giving one thing up for another? As a business owner, leader or anyone in corporate knows – the best results come with a clear strategy and the courage to make a plan that’s relevant, realistic and result-driven

Objection Handling: Turn ‘No’ Int

You should not only intricately understand buying objections, but embrace them with confidence and be equipped to tackle any road-blocks holding your clients back from investing in their skin.

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Recover From a Bad Review

Having authentic positive reviews from clients not only improves your ranking in Google searches, but builds trust in your brand – but what happens if you get a negative one?

Countdown To Cosmoprof Asia 2017

Cosmoprof Asia returns to Hong Kong in November 2017 – the 22nd edition of this beauty industry extravaganza is tipped to be bigger than ever and will be spread over two venues

Skin Therapists: Dress For Success

A suite of sophisticated yet practical outfits can enhance veneer of your business, unify your team and ensure they’re working in the upmost comfort.

The Power Of Pricing

Strategic (rather than competitive) pricing is critical if you’re looking to maximise profits in the competitive aesthetics marketplace

The Bottom Line Is Service

You’ve got to keep the customer satisfied. But in today’s competitive environment, for your business to be buoyant it takes much more than being technically good at what you do.

Time To Up The Wellness Ante

Savvy operators are looking at ways to embrace wellness opps into aesthetics businesses, and vice versa, to boost client outcomes and the bottom line. Major international department stores are leading the way.

Secrets Of A Successful Rebrand

Luxury Australian spa pioneer Uspa, completed an incredible brand overhaul without loosing what made them special in the first place

Empower ‘Older’ Clients With Empa

Research suggests women over 50 could be the most lucrative age-group to tap for spa, salon or medi-treatments but over half of the aesthetics industry workforce in Australia are under the age of 34.

Hot Retail Ideas For Winter

If clients aren’t tanning as often or as worried about hair removal, you need to entice them into your business, and you need retail sales more than ever

Aussie Triumph At The Skin Olympics

Just like competitive sport, it takes much training, dedication, drive and sheer talent to successfully treat problem skin – with true Australian athleticism, our local aestheticians cleaned up at this international award ceremony

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