Oh Poo! The New Frontier in Gut Health

Faecal transplants – yes, putting one person’s faeces into another’s bowel – is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for chronic health conditions

Practise The Wellness You Teach

People are expecting more from their spa experience. In order for spas to deliver, therapists and business owners need to embody the industry they are in

Go On A Learning Curve

Industry conferences, seminars and workshops are among the best ways to educate yourself and your team – and rub shoulders with the best in the biz. Prepare for Cosmetex 2017.

Get Ready For Beauty Expo Australia!

Our premier event for aesthetics professionals is preparing for its best year yet when it returns to its Darling Harbour home August 26-27 – get ready!

Women Lead The Gut-Skin Conversation

Don’t miss the workshop where Dr Rhona Creegan, a nutritional biochemist, compounding pharmacist Cheryl Wiggins, and registered nurses Marian Rubock and Ekta Tandon explore the impact of the digestive system on physical appearance in-depth from all angles

Be At The Cutting Edge

Coming very soon … the annual Non Surgical Symposium is one of the best opportunities of the year to learn more from the best, network, build your patient offering – and party! Don’t miss out

Worlds Collide

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that beauty is way more than skin deep and in order to resolve external issues, internal wellness must be considered

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What a Show!

It’s a wrap and huge success for Beauty Expo Melbourne and the inaugural Hair Expo Pop Up

Deliver The Total Client Experience

CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, has introduced a series of special months and awareness days to encourage its members to continually educate and improve their own careers, staff and businesses.

Baby, A Boom For Business

Pregnancy and post-partum massage offers mum and bub myriad benefits – and could give birth to new revenue opportunities for you

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Prepare For The New World of Opportunity

Torrens University Australia’s Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) is a new and innovative course that offers advanced opportunities to enter aesthetic, health and wellness, and medi-spa environments

Enjoy Food – Lose Weight

Focusing on the pleasure of food – not health warnings, calories, value for money or hunger – can positively change the way we eat

Defend The Barrier!

Clients could be undoing all your good work with the way they treat their skin at home. The importance of protecting the surface from invasion.

Crackdown on Botox Parties

Cosmetic doctors urge authorities to investigate claims of people turning serious procedures into booze-filled bashes at private homes

CIDESCO Celebrates 70 Years

The world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy chalks up a big milestone

A Beautiful Thing

The myriad benefits of offering oncology aesthetic services, for both clients with cancer and your business

Profit or Perish!

Stay ahead of the game (and your competitors) by keeping up with what’s new and on the horizon. It’s all at Beauty Expo Australia, August 20-21.

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