Dermalogica Launches Interactive Ads

Our skin is affected by many things, including diet, lifestyle, heredity, and products we use, but one thing that’s often forgotten is the external factors such as air pollution, UV rays, humidity etc.

American skincare brand dermalogica have launched a new campaign that literally reminds you of the possibly damaging environment you’re in with some clever interactive ads. Screens all over New York, Chicago, and very soon also Australian cities are displaying a live update on your skin sensitivity based on your location.

Using weather triggers, the ads measure parameters such as humidity, temperature, and pollution to determine the skin sensitivity factor for the neighborhood. Ranging from low to extreme, the Skin Sensitivity Calculator can also be found online so you can check not only your specific location, but anywhere in the world!

Exposure to extreme weather conditions (cold, heat, wind, rain and sudden changes in temperature), pollutants and poor air quality can all affect the skin’s barrier, resulting in sensitivity, dryness and dehydration.

The campaign comes following two new products, the Ultra Calming Duo, which soothe sensitive skin in two steps with the Calm Water Gel and the Barrier Defense Booster, ideal for sensitised skin.

We love the idea behind these educating ads and can’t wait to see them on our streets, after all, you can never be too careful or protective of your skin, especially in big cities with lots of sunshine, i.e. most in Australia.