How To Get (And Use) Client Reviews

Are you making the most of customer reviews in your marketing?

Trust is consistently the number one factor in a customer’s decision-making process and there are a lot of ways this comes to life in your business. An authentic story about the people behind your business and sharing genuine content is a great place to start. But even more important to clients, is personal reviews from real people who have interacted with your business.

A five-star rating on Google is sure to make an impression on potential clients but there are plenty of other advantages to gathering reviews.

How to ask for client reviews

Think about your timing

It’s important to ask your clients for reviews at a point in their journey that makes sense. So, straight after a treatment and before they’ve seen optimal results may not be quite right. Too late and the client may not be as excited about their experience and not bother to write a review. The best times to ask for a review are:

  • When they’ve demonstrated that they’ve seen success, usually determined in a follow up appointment or email
  • When they’ve rebooked
  • If they tag you on social media
  • If they’ve referred someone else to your business

Automate the process

If you’re already using SMS or email marketing, it’s easy to add a call to action for client reviews into the process. You can reach out to both regular and one time clients to ask for feedback and your digital marketing platform should give you the option to choose when the message is automatically sent e.g. one month after a client’s last appointment.

Give clients multiple options to leave feedback

Making the process super easy is the best way to get as many reviews as possible. So, having mulitple ways to leave feedback and giving your clients the option to choose their preferred method is best. Some options can include a personalised link to leave a Google review for your business, a SurveyMonkey or Google Form with questions and rating options, or you can even let clients know a simple email, text or DM reply would be appreciated.

How to use client reviews

Share them on your digital channels

Honest reviews make quick, easy and most importantly, effective social media marketing content. When you’re asking for reviews, make sure you check that your clients are happy for you to share their feedback. Then, jump onto Canva and create a simple text post you can share on your feed and show off to prospective clients.

Get specific on the details

You can really learn a lot from client feedback, both positive and negative reviews. Don’t forget to pay attention to the details and highlight any common themes. Things that are consistently called out for being positive about your service should be the things you shout about on social media. And any negative feedback can be used to adjust and improve the experience you deliver.  


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