Do Your Clients Know How To Use Skincare?

It might sound overly basic, but many clients need to be taught how to use skincare properly.

If clients don’t commit to a dedicated, regular homecare regime between professional visits, they will not get the results they desire – and could well blame you for treatments “not working”.

Lack of compliance with homecare could boil down to a matter of a routine too complicated and time-consuming and/or needing to use too many products. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Metro-Dora Clifford is CEO, advanced clinical therapist and master trainer for beauty and cosmetic businesses and Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin and Laser Clinics (ClinicalPRO). Metro-Dora says that educating clients to use a simple three-step approach is the key to success:

Stage One: Remove and Refine

In this stage, our pure and potent formulas deep cleanse using cleansers, exfoliants and glycolics with naturally-sourced ingredients that are chirally correct for all skin types to remove and refine the skin of the build up of dead cells. This creates a pathway for new skin cells by stimulating quicker cell growth as well as allow new skin cells to better absorb products.

Stage Two: Recover and Rejuvenate

Products in this stage treat and correct damage from excessive sun exposure or environmental stress by delivering ingredients into the cellular level. By using toners, serums and treatment crèmes without synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, fillers or petroleum, ingredients are absorbed through the skin’s receptors and supply amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals to new skin cells. This will help the skin recover and rejuvenate and enhance its immune system.

Stage Three: Hydrate and Maintain

This stage focuses on daily skin protection and maintenance. Masques and sunscreen are the perfect combination for this as they infuse moisture into skin and retain the hydration longer for a dewy glow and to reduce the signs of ageing. CLINICALPRO.COM.AU