Are More Young People Dissolving Their Filler?

Alana Arbucci’s TikTok announcing her decision to dissolve her filler went viral. Does this signify a change in the trends?

American YouTuber Alana Arbucci is very open about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done. The 23-year-old has candidly shared details about her breast augmentation, fat removal, and numerous filler injections on her channel, but she is now working to reverse this. Arbucci is on a journey to dissolve her filler, and she is taking her 485,000 subscribers along for the ride.

Like many women, Arbucci had filler injected underneath her eyes to remove darkness and puffiness. She was delighted with the results and enjoyed not putting on makeup each morning to cover dark circles until she began to notice a change in her face. Pockets, dimples and lumps started to appear two years after her injections. Confused on why this was happening, she did her research and came across our very own and knowledgable, Dr Gavin Chan.

“We all are told filler lasts six months, a year, two years max, but this doctor [Gavin Chan] did a study because he does filler,” Arbucci said in her video titled, ‘I miss my old face.. getting my filler removed’.

Dr Chan has researched the lasting-power of dermal fillers. He found through MRI scans that filler does not necessarily dissolve but instead migrates to adjacent areas in the face, thus, giving the effect that it has broken down. Dr Chan has since made a video in response to Arbucci and has praised her insight.

Another motivation behind Arbucci’s decision is that she wants to feel comfortable and confident in her natural appearance. She acknowledges that her idea of beauty is a product the movies and magazines she consumed in her youth. However, Dr Chan attributes Instagram, particularly face augmenting apps, as the main reason behind the increased filler use in young people.

“Most of the photos on Instagram, I would say, are not real. This, unfortunately, alters our perception of what is beautiful and what looks good. There are a whole lot of girls inflating their lips to ridiculous sizes, and it’s quite off-putting, but because it’s around so much it becomes the norm,” Dr Chan said.

He also mentions the addictive nature of filler, which can be the reason why people overuse injectables in the first place.

“Once you start using this stuff, it’s really hard to go back to not having it done. Whether or not it looks good, that’s not the point. Once you get accustomed to a new look, you tend to want to maintain it, so it takes a lot of courage to remove it,” he said.

“I want to feel more confident in myself without having to get filler for the rest of my life,” Arbucci adds.

Does this mark a change in young people’s opinions on filler? Are you seeing more people wanting to dissolve their filler or avoid getting it in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.


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