Enhancing Your Skin Analysis

Cultivating an A+ skin analysis experience not only enhances your reputation as a skin specialist, but supports your clients to achieve their best possible skin health. Here, the Global Beauty Group shares 4 pro tips for perfecting a results-driven skin analysis.

Charge people for the privilege
Performing a thorough skin analysis should take at least 30 minutes. This allows you time to cleanse off the client’s make-up, perform the skin analysis, then speak in detail about treatment recommendations, results-driven skin care regimes and pricing. However, this is a lot of time to dedicate to ‘time wasters’. So, charging people a consultation fee that is redeemable on products or treatments on the day will deter clients who are simply shopping around for the cheapest price. Long term clients will not only boost your word of mouth referrals but will also help generate your before and after images.

Take photos!
Did you know that scientifically, we don’t remember what we looked like yesterday? Consequently, how could a client possibly remember the exact appearance of their skin 6 weeks ago? While you might be noticing the improvement to your clients’ skin each appointment, our clients see themselves every day and will often forget where they started. Being able to document your client’s skin health journey with high quality before and after images will help give your clients an in-depth, highly detailed overview of their progress, as well aid with marketing and squashing any client doubts.

Believe in what you have to offer
It’s important to acknowledge what it has taken for your clients to come and see you – they don’t just manifest out of thin air! You’ve worked hard on your marketing strategy and you’re reaping the benefits. One of the biggest mistakes we see therapists making is presuming their products or services are too expensive for the client or they’re not prepared to invest in their skin. If you don’t exude the value of your products and services, neither will they. The best way to combat this is to change your language. Opt for “I need you to start” as opposed to “I would like you to start”.
It’s also important to deliver your advice at the right moment. The best time is when they’re still in your treatment room and not when they’re at the reception. Once they’re out of their “treatment zen”, they’re distracted by their phone, messages, finding their keys and the plans for the rest of the day.

Back your expertise with science
You are able to enhance your skin consultation experience tenfold by incorporating technology. Not only is the accuracy of your consultations skyrocketed but it truly sets your clinic apart from competitors that don’t offer this service. Integrating analytical tools into your skin consultations, like the OBSERV 520, demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking clinic that harnesses the power of technology to deliver their most accurate and results-driven skin consultation to date.

A skin scanner is a smart investment that will only take your business from strength to strength. With 6 progressive observation modes, OBSERV 520 supports skin professionals in accurately diagnosing skin conditions at the surface layer, as well as bringing to light the problems that reside deeper in the dermis.

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