Fat Melting Vs Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

Arguably the fastest growing category when it comes to non-surgical treatments (after injectables of course) is body sculpting –from fat freezing and fat melting (for example CoolSculpting or SculpSure), to newer treatments on the market designed to improve muscle tone (like EmSculpt).

Despite all of the exciting new options being released onto the market over the past 1-2 years, fat cavitation, or ultrasound cavitation, is still incredibly popular, despite having been around for many years and being dubbed by many as the cheaper, less effective method of body sculpting and shaping.

To get some unbiased answers around its sustained popularity, we sought the opinions of two practitioners. The first is Danielle Smith, Director of Elite Body Contouring, who utilise both ultrasound fat cavitation and new fat freezing technologies throughout their clinics. The second is Lashana Shepherd, Clinical and Training Manager for The Global Beauty Group, who distribute both fat cavitation and newer sculpting devices. Here’s what they tell us on the popularity of fact cavitation vs newer fat melting models, and whether ultrasound cavitation still has a place in the modern-day clinic.

How does it differ/compare to other popular fat melting or freezing treatments?
DS: Fat cavitation was one of the first non-invasive procedures available to safely and effectively melt away stubborn fat without any surgery or downtime. The technology itself works to shrink stubborn fat cell that just won’t shift regardless of diet and exercise, resulting in long term but not necessarily permanent fat reduction – regular maintenance is required. Other methods of non-surgical fat reduction procedures, such as Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and LIPOcel HIFU Body Sculpting, destroy stubborn fat cells, resulting in permanent fat reduction and more accelerated results.

LS: Unlike treatments such as fat freezing where there is a maximum number of treatments a client can have, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation can be performed as often as the client wishes. There are no treatment limitations because we’re not destroying the fat cells – we are just shrinking them. It can also be used pre and post-liposuction to even out lumps, bumps, etc.

What type of client is the treatment ideally suited to?
DS: Fat Cavitation, and in fact all non-surgical body contouring procedures, are designed for those people who live a healthy balanced lifestyle, but struggle to shift fat from certain stubborn areas of the body. Fat Cavitation is great for circumference reduction and can be useful in treating the stomach, buttocks, love handles and thighs.

LS: Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is suited to anyone that is at a happy or ideal weight that has excess adipose tissue that they want to address. It is not a weight loss solution but a results-driven, non-surgical solution to addressing areas of unwanted, stubborn fat.

Does it still have its place in salons and clinics? Or has it been surpassed by other more effective contouring treatments?
DS: At Elite Body Contouring, we have found over the years that technology has advanced significantly and the need for fat cavitation treatments has diminished. We have invested in these more advanced devices to cater to the growing demand for the latest and greatest treatments. It is slowly becoming replaced with these newer, more advanced procedures such as Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and LIPOcel HIFU Body Sculpting, which offer a more dramatic and permanent result. It also often requires multiple sessions along with regular maintenance to achieve a similar result to one of our more advanced technologies.

LS: No, it absolutely has its place, as Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is able to be performed as an ongoing treatment, it complements other modalities really well. You will find that forward-thinking clinics are layering their body contouring services to achieve incredible results, such as our Body Bootcamp that integrates clinicians’ Cryolipolysis, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening Machine over a 15-week treatment period!

Are many clients still booking in for ultrasound fat cavitation treatments? If so, why?
DS: Yes! We still receive quite a few online bookings for it from new clients daily. Fat cavitation is still one of the most popular search terms across google for non-invasive fat reduction procedures. We do find though, once the client comes in for a consultation ahead of their treatment, and our specialists discuss alternative treatment options with the client, a more advanced treatment option (Cryolipolysis or LIPOcel) is often chosen instead. We believe in delivering the best possible results for our clients and will always recommend the most effective technology available according to our client’s individual concerns. Some clients still choose to proceed with Fat Cavitation treatment and we do perform these treatments across all of our clinics with great, visible results.

LS: Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is still a prominent body contouring solution in forward-thinking clinics. Often, practitioners view it as a more appropriate solution for their clients as side effects and contraindications are very minimal, client suitability is broad and as fat cells are being shrunk (and not destroyed), clients are more comfortable with this approach.

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