5 Artists To Add To Your Spa Playlist

Sometimes the tiniest tweak can make your day that little bit more exciting. 

Music is an essential part of any spa or clinic experience. It sets the mood and lets the client know they’re in a space where they can unwind and relax. However, they only listen to your spa’s soundtrack for one hour, maybe three at the most. Whereas, these songs go around and around in your head all day, every day.

So for the sanity of your staff and yourself, it might be a good idea to add some new tunes into the mix. That’s why we have rounded up five new artists to add to your spa playlist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re playing any music in a commercial space, you need to have a licence from a business like OneMusic. This includes if you’re already paying for a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music (personal account, it’s included in a business account). Without a license, you’re breaking the law and also doing a disservice to those who create the music. You don’t expect anyone to use your services for free, the same goes for the artist.

Here are five new artists to add to your spa playlist.

Joep Beving

Joep Beving’s music is great if you like soft atmospheric piano. His grandmother gifted her piano to him just before she passed away and that’s how his sound came into existence.

Agnes Obel

If you don’t mind lyrics in your music, then Agnes Obel is for you. The Berlin-based, Danish-born singer/songwriter creates hauntingly beautiful music with lyrics to match.

Ebb & Flod

Ebb & Flod create spa music with a twist. Their sound is earthy and acoustic, perfect for those who don’t like the twinkly sound you usually get with “relaxing” music.

Sister Luna

With a name like Sister Luna, don’t you already feel that bit more relaxed?

Petit Biscuit

His song Sunset Lover was all over Instagram, but did you know Petit Biscuit has some tracks suitable for your spa playlist? We especially love You, which transports us to France, where Petit Biscuit is from.

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