A New Wellness Experience Has Popped Up In Sydney

The Whitening Clinic in Sydney’s East is serving teeth whitening with a side of wellness creating an experience unlike any other.

When you think of teeth your mind likely goes straight to those uncomfortable hours spent in the dentist’s chair. Even cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening come with clinical surrounds and days of tooth sensitivity. But Alissa Brandtman of The Whitening Clinic is changing all of that.

With a beautiful space draped in white curtains and peaceful Mediterranean inspired interiors, her teeth whitening service promises results while promoting the chance to take time out of your busy day and focus on your mental wellbeing.

The new experience begs the question, is wellness an essential part of modern beauty treatments?

The Whitening Clinic, Bronte

“In our busy lives we all need down time. Incorporating wellness into our routine beauty treatment provides the time for people to rejuvenate their minds as well as their bodies,” shares Alissa. “I’m inspired to help people have a confident smile.  It’s proven that smiling creates happiness, not only for ourselves but when we smile at others happiness in them too.”

The holistic concept behind The Whitening Clinic is already having a positive influence on clients, according to Alissa. 

“I recently had a client in his 60’s who shared with me that he had been too embarrassed to smile for the past 10 years due to the discoloration of his teeth.  After undergoing only one 1.5-hour treatment at the clinic you couldn’t get the smile off his face.  The confidence it gave him to step back out into the world with a smile from ear to ear was priceless!”

As for exactly how this whitening experience can recharge your mind, you’ll quickly learn that disconnecting from the busy world around you has an instantly recharging effect. While you lie down for the treatment, you have to wear protective eyewear meaning social media scrolling and email-inducing headaches are a no-go. Instead, you’re treated to peaceful meditation music or the option to don a pair of headphones and playlist of confidence boosting podcasts to choose from.

The Whitening Clinic, Bronte

Your wellness experience at The Whitening Clinic extends beyond the dreamy interiors and peaceful podcast playlist, but to the treatment experience itself, and more importantly, your experience in the days after the treatment.  

“We use the highest-grade lighting technology on the market and our own imported 6% hydrogen peroxide product,” says Alissa.  “In comparison to Zoom whitening, they use 25%- 35% peroxide and UV lighting.  This high level of peroxide may make the treatment quicker, but it can penetrate the enamel and cause sensitivity in the nerves of the teeth.  With the lower level of peroxide and the relaxing 1.5-hour treatment time, the majority of clients get little to no sensitivity after a treatment whilst achieving the same results.”

And, like any great aesthetic treatment, The Whitening Clinic extend your experience to at-home care with a whitening pen included with every treatment that keeps your newly pearly white smile shining brightly.


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