Is Australia The Most Health-Focused Country?

Great news for the wellness industry, Australia has been listed as the most health-focused country.

U Switch’s study has discovered that Australia is one of the most health-focused countries in the world. It found that we have one of the highest search volumes for health apps in every category, scoring 227 out of 300.

Together we have searched for apps related to weight and mental health over 100,000 times in the past five years, and a significant percentage of that number has been from the last 12 months alone.

This data is also reflected within our industry, as Sydney becomes a booming wellness-focused capital. Several new wellness businesses have opened their doors on Sydney shores over the past few months. As a welcome to the family, we thought we’d introduce you to some of them.

Slow House

Slow House IMAGE: @slowhousebondi

Even in its short life, Slow House has taken social media by storm. Located in Bondi, it’s labelled as a ‘restoration experience dedicated to those who wish to slow down and recharge’, and several influencers have already been snapped at the haunt. So far, the business has been gaining traction with local mums and millennials.

“We opened up on the 6th Feb, and nights and weekends were about 80 per cent full already. The Signature Slows and Fire and Ice services have been extremely popular. During the day, it’s nice and quiet, and we have lots of mums come in. Business has been really good. We also have had a nice mix of clients. We have lots of the mums from the Bondi and Vaucluse area, sportspeople from the gyms during the day, and then entrepreneurs and millennials during the night,” Slow House Founder Tash said.

MYND Studios

MYND Studios

MYND Studios is located in Barangaroo as a pocket of peace for the CBD. It offers guided meditation classes in its airy and cool studio and even high-tech nap pods for those moments when you need to recharge. MYND Studios opened in February, and co-founder James Harris said business was slowly building up, but we are sure with the recent media buzz, MYND is gaining plenty of traction among stressed-out city workers.

“It’s going as expected. It’s the sort of thing you really need to experience to understand. We saw increased bookings yesterday, and we are expecting an increase throughout the week. Once people are in here, they can feel how it’s nice and cool, smell the aromas and hear the calming music,” James Harris said.

BIONIK Wellness

BIONIK Wellness IMAGE: @bionikwellness

The soon-to-be-open (20th March) BIONIK Wellness in Surry Hills will offer locals access to nine internationally recognised medical-grade recovery treatments. The space was designed to be a fusion of medical-grade treatments and wholistic wellness in a stunning and contemporary Crown Street location.

“BIONIK is not just a lifestyle. It’s a means of utilising the power of science and technology to take control of our health in a revolutionary way. It’s where human meets machine, in a manner that leverages the ability to hack and reprogram the body to recover faster, rejuvenate better, relax more innately, and rewind time. Our members will take their health and wellness to a whole new level; it’s smart, it’s proven, it’s going to shake up the industry. Our members will no longer need to visit several specialised clinics to access different technologies – Bionik Wellness will ensure that they have it available at their fingertips in one beautifully designed and holistically-inspired oasis. We bring them convenience, greater health, and premium facilities under one roof,” founder Sam Lehain said.


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