5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Wellness Into Your Services

Wellness is a hot topic and its practice is slowly creeping its way into many aspects of our lives. We’ve seen the rise of wellness centres that solely offer saunas, meditation, sound baths or other mindfulness treatments. There are even resorts that offer a complete diet and lifestyle reset to target wellness from all aspects.

Luckily, the in-clinic approach doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic. It’s easy to upgrade your services by adding touches of wellness that encourage your clients to focus on their wellbeing alongside their skin health.  

1. Serve A Wellness Drink On Arrival

Take advantage of your clients’ time in the waiting room by offering them a wellness drink on arrival. You have everything from herbal tea blends to skin supplements or even a warm glass of water with fresh lemon to choose from. Not only will the drink be great for their skin, it’s also a little mood booster that creates a welcoming environment and can help to put your clients in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

2. Add Skin Supplements To Your Retail Offering

Offering skin supplements like collagen or superfood blends alongside your retail products helps to introduce the idea of beauty from the inside out without requiring a lot of effort. It’s also a great opportunity to open up the conversation about your client’s diet and lifestyle and dive deeper into the effect their nutrition has on their skin.

3. Encourage A Digital Detox

Endless social scrolling and the need to reach inbox zero is seeing Aussies spend more time hooked up to their digital devices then ever. Not only does this screen-time come with adverse health impacts on our eyesight and skin quality, the desire to stay forever updated isn’t great for stress levels.

Talk to your clients about disconnecting and prescribe them some screen-free time. There’s no better time than during an at-home skin routine to help them achieve the wellness benefits of unplugging from the digital world.  

5 Ways To Incorporate Wellness Into Your Services

4. Offer A Playlist Of Confidence Boosting Podcasts

Meditation music doesn’t suit everyone’s relaxation style so offering an alternative is a great way to create a customised wellness experience. There are plenty of podcasts that focus on building confidence and offer an empowering change to elevator tunes. You can create a Spotify or Apple Podcasts playlist and play it over a speaker in your treatment room. Your clients will even be able to access it from their own devices to use during their skincare and wellness routines at home.

5. Introduce Tools To Your Clients’ At-Home Routine

The popularity of at-home tools is on the rise and the benefits go beyond lymphatic drainage and skin stimulation. The time out required to add a tool into a skincare routine provides a great moment of self-care and encourages your clients to focus on themselves during an at-home facial. You can teach them how to use tools like gua sha and quartz rollers in the clinic and then incorporate it into their regular skincare routines.


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